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How To Read a Wine Label - Wine 101 Videos

4 monthes ago   |   By Wine Folly

Stop trying to memorize labels. There's a better way!
Did you know that there are over one hundred thousand new wines and new vintages that are released by the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau - ttb.gov ) each year?
Knowing this fact might make you rethink your strategy of memorize labels. Fortunately, there's a better way!
If you simmer down all the labels to their meta information, you'll realize there are essentially three ways that wines are classified:
Wines labeled by variety.
Wines labeled by region.
Wines labeled by made-up name.
This is a Riesling from Napa Valley by...
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Sweetness in Wine - Wine 101 Videos

Sweetness in Wine - Wine 101 Videos

4 monthes ago   |   By Wine Folly

Surprising facts about wine sweetness you don't want to miss!
This week, Madeline Puckette jumps into one of the most misunderstood topics in wine.
Wine Sweetness
What is wine sweetness and where does it come from?
Most sweetness in wine comes from natural grape sugars leftover after the fermentation has stopped. Wine people refer to it as “residual sugar,” or RS for short. Wines without sweetness are called “dry” wines.
Common knowledge is that sweetness is determined by the type of grape. However, in most cases, sweetness is actually controlled by the winemaker!
The winemaker is the one...
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What Are Wine Tannins? - Wine 101 Videos

4 monthes ago   |   By Wine Folly

Unveil the mysteries of wine tannins. You'll never drink wine the same way again!
You'd be surprised by how many folks still think wine tannins cause headaches! The truth is that tannins are surprisingly good. So, what are they? And, why are they so “good?”
Wine Tannins
The term “tannins in wine” describes several classes of phenolic compounds. These include non-flavonoid phenolics and flavonoid phenolics (condensed tannins, catechins, anthocyanins).
In other words, the stuff that tastes bitter and astringent in wine is tannin!
All of the wines displayed are high in tannins. That said...
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Open, Decant, Serve, and Store Wine - 101 Video

4 monthes ago   |   By Wine Folly

Why do it wrong when you can do it right? Here are the basics to wine service, along with tips on how to store wine. Change the way you drink .
First things first, lets pop a bottle!
Opening a Wine Bottle
There are many different types of wine openers out there. So, you'll want to choose one that best suits your needs. If you want to know what all the pros use, well, we use a wine opener called a :Waiter's Friend.”
Chefs have an affliction for knives and somms have an “unhealthy” obsession for corkscrews. This is my Coutale - the world's most pragmatic corkscrew.
Waiter's Friends can be as...
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